How to connect to VPS on Mac?

first step

Open WikiFX APP, go to [My]-[My VPS] to get your host IP, username and password.

Step 2

Install Microsoft Remote Desktop

  • • Open the App Store and search for "Microsoft Remote Desktop" to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop application.

  • • Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop application via the link below

  • • If the App Store in your region does not support installing the Microsoft Remote Desktop application, please click

third step

Click "Open" after installing the application, and click "Add PC" after opening:

the fourth step

Enter the host IP in the PC name field and click Add

the fifth step

Double-click the new connection entry to connect to your WikiFX VPS, you will then be asked to provide your VPS credentials (EA VPS login name, login password)

Step 6

You will receive a certificate warning. Click "Continue":

At this point you should see the Windows desktop, this is your WikiFX VPS desktop